Review of SkyTech - SAP REX Gold Partner

Review of SkyTech - SAP REX Gold Partner
“We have signed with SkyTech and implemented the SAP Business One software since around one year. The development phase of the software went smoothly, with their high attention to detail and ability to understand our business and way of work highly necessary for the correct preparation of the software to cater to our needs. Moreover, the commissioning of the software went quite smoothly due to their high cooperation and fast response time in dealing with any questions/clarifications. We at Izzat Marji Group would highly recommend anyone interested in the SAP Business One software to get in touch with SkyTech."
Thank you dear Izzat, it's an honor to work with you and with Izzat Marji Group, we are glad you are satisfied with our services.

Much appreciated.

SkyTech Team

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